If you plan to visit Cape Verde, Santo Antao is a “must“. It is one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago and most suitable for all kinds of trekking-tours. Even if you travel by aluguer („minibus“) or taxi Santo Antao is impressive. But to get a better feel for the country and its people you should go hiking. Santo Antao offers a wide variety of trekking tours – you will be delighted.

We visited Santo Antao several times and "White" was always our guide. We can really recommend him as your guide. As a local guy he knows all the places, which tourist’s won’t find, despite all of the available travel-books.

Besides the beautiful landscape the most exciting thing was the people we met on our trekking tours with White. Accompanied by a native Guide these chance meetings take on a whole new compexion.

Together with White we tasted freshly cut sugarcane for the first time. We picked oranges, papayas and mangos right from the trees (but please, ask for permission). Augusta, a woman who runs a small guesthouse, served us a delicious Catchupa, the national-dish of Cape Verde.

On a longer tour we stayed in an Inn in Cruzinha. We were the only guests. After an amazing evening with spontaneous live music, we slept in a basic ocean-view-Room surrounded by the gentle sound of the waves. Beautiful!

White managed the whole thing. We could always rely on him. He is very efficient

You can find descriptions of some of the standard hikes on Santo Antao in the section „trekking-tours“.